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We are a people-focused creative
tech agency

Leveraging advanced marketing and advertising technologies.

People. Creative.

Our journey from a product startup to a digital marketing agency is more than an exciting one. Though the products we have developed did ’t turn out well, our passion for developing businesses is only growing. We have learned quite a few amazing skills in a short span of time and we are happy to assist our fellow entrepreneurs with cutting-edge growth marketing strategies. The one place that we always want to come back to is Kochi, and we love Kochi. We are a Kochi-based Digital Marketing Agency.

Our Services

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Social Media Management

Social Media is the important touch point where your customers and stakeholders are trying to interact with your business. We will empower you to use social media wisely by strategically planning the content and the publishing schedule.

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Lead Generation

We design and implement lead generation campaigns and activities tailor made for your business needs. Our team will analyze and design a lead generation architecture for your business, which includes all customer touch points.

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Google Ads

From mining the appropriate keywords to finally getting website visits/ customer calls/ leads/ video views/ Ecommerce purchase, we will take care of it all. Our specialized team of ad experts will curate rewarding Google ads campaigns for your business.

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Meta Ads

We create successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns with minimal cost per result. Our campaign optimization strategies will help to create maximum ROI. We do, concept & creative development, copy writing, crossposting and ad management.

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Website Development

Stunning and informative landing page is very essential in any advertisement campaign. We do website development with the best call to action in place. From static to dynamic, we can create any website to cater to the needs of our clients.

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Search Engine Optimization

Ranking your businesses website to the first page of the popular search engines is our Job. We specialize in On-page and Off page SEO, with the knowledge in sophisticated SEO tools. Doing SEO will help you to create more business.

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Marketing Automation

You don’t have to do all the marketing jobs yourself. We can automate the major chunk of the work and can make it more productive. With the use of marketing automation tools, we help to organize your marketing activities and will make it in a simpler form.

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Strategy Development

In marketing, strategy is everything. We research, analyze, discuss, and develop the right strategy for your business goals. Based on the strategy, we develop objectives and advertising activities tailor made for your business.


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